Multiple Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes, Wet and Dry Type, Mumbai, India

Basic Construction
1) Coil Body
2) Rotor
3) Armature Plate
4) Coil
5) Friction Material
6) Zero Backlash spring
7) Circlip Groove
8) Keyway
9) Lead Wire
10) Armature Hub
Shown above are the basic clutch and brake.
“Maxitorq” Clutches & Brakes are also available in packaged designs. They are pre-engineered and pre-assembled to mate with standard power transmission components, and are available in foot mounted, shaft mounted, and flange mounted models both in open execution and in enclosed housing.
Electromagnetic Clutch (Bearing Mounted & Flange Mounted)
Electromagnetic Brake ( Normally Off Type )
Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake Combination (Enclosed & Open Type)
Push Pull Linear Electromagnetic Solenoids
Continous Slip Type Tension Control Brakes & Clutches
Multiplate Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes (Wet & Dry Type)
Toothed Clutches
Telescopic Carbon Brush

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