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Basic Specification

Basic Specification
‘Maxitorq’ Brakes and Clutches provide the ideal method of transmitting controlled mechanical motion Electrically. A Clutch is a rotary mechanical device with input & output members. Electromagnetism is used to couple or disengage the input(Prime mover) and the output (Driven) shafts. A brake is used to stop, position, or hold a rotating load by Electromagnetic force.

Principle of Operation
Like an Electromagnet they have two basic parts. One the magnet coil, which when energized by D.C. power creates a magnetic field. This attracts the other mating part called the Armature. The magnet coil is faced with friction material that absorbs heat & retards wear. The Armature plate presses against this surface with the friction material. If both parts are free to rotate the rotational drive of the input will be transmitted to the output & the unit will function as a clutch. If the magnet & coil is fixed, it will prevent the Armature from rotating & the unit will function as a brake. Thus both the clutch and brake are Electro-magnetically actuated and are friction type.

Technical Specification

  • • Normally Off
  • • Electro-magnetically actuated,friction type,Clutches & Brakes.
  • • Standard operating voltage — 24 Volts D.C.
  • • Insulation class ‘F’.
  • Basic Construction