Continous Slip Type Tension Control Brakes and Clutches

Series 'W' Electromagnetic Tension Brake / Clutch
Continous Slip Type Tension Control Brakes and Clutches

These are used to control the Tension during winding, spooling and unspooling kind of applications.
The tension can be controlled by varying the voltage applied to the brake or clutch.


Can be mounted in any position, simple installations.

High torque, durable & temperature stable friction lining. Friction lining specially designed to work with continuous slippage. Specially processed Heavy Duty Armature plate for wear resistance with Special Aluminium Heat Sink Built into the Armature Plate. Heavier, thick walled construction to ensure long life. Low maintenance.

Epoxy resin bonded vibration proof coil. Slotted Armature for greater torque stability. Pre-loaded armature spring for residual torque free release.

High operating frequency, low inertia, fast & uniform response time.

Low cost and very economical, when compared with costlier magnetic particle brakes. Simple Power Supply unit, with provision to manually vary the supply voltage, available.

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Continous Slip Type Tension Control Brakes & Clutches
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